Córdoba (Spain), 7-9 Septiembre 2020 Human Dignity, Law, and Religious Diversity: Designing the Future of Inter-Cultural Societies


The venue of the conference will be the Palace of Congresses of Cordoba, a historical 16th century building, recently renewed and remodelled, which is a few steps away from the unique Mosque-Cathedral of Cordoba, a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1984.

Cordoba does not have an airport but is very well connected by high-speed trains to three international airports: Madrid, Malaga and Seville (Spain has the best high-speed train network in Europe and one of the best in the world). Trains from Madrid take about 1 h. 40 min., from Malaga around 50 min., and from Seville around 40 min.

The organizing committee has provided a list of recommended hotels with special rates, located within walking distance of the conference venue, in the heart of the historic district of Cordoba. To facilitate booking, reservations in these hotels can be done through the conference’s official travel agency (Eurocongres) at the time of registration in the conference (Registration) or at a later stage writing to the following email address:

The same agency will also gladly assist any participants who want help organizing their trip, but participants are free to contact these or any other hotels by themselves. All participants are expected to pay for their travel and accommodation expenses as well as for registration fees.


Until March 31 April 1 to June 30 From July 1
ICLARS members (1) 195€ 240€ 280€
Non-ICLARS members (2) 255€ 300€ 340€
Young scholars (<30) ICLARS (1) 100€ 120€ 140€
Young scholars (<30) non ICLARS (2) 160€ 180€ 200€
Accompanying person fee (3) 120€

(*)The registration fee includes the activities and expenses of the conference, coffee breaks, lunches and dinners for all three conference days, and the cultural agenda planned for the afternoon/evenings, after the academic sessions. Participants wishing to attend the Gala Dinner at the Círculo de la Amistad, are required to pay a supplement of 15 €.

(1)To benefit from the reduced conference fee for ICLARS members, it is necessary to be up to date with the payment of ICLARS membership fees at least since the last ICLARS conference. For any doubt about your current status, please contact Cristiana Cianitto in:

(2)Participants wishing to apply for admission to ICLARS can do so at: They can expect a response within 15 days. New members may benefit from the reduced registration fee after payment of the annual ICLARS fee (50 €) corresponding to the year in which they apply for registration.

(3)The Accompanying person fee includes dinners for all three conference days (including the Gala Dinner), and the conference’s cultural agenda planned for the afternoon/evenings, after the academic sessions.

Dietary restrictions

Dietary restrictions for religious, health or other reasons will be taken into account if they are communicated no later than July 31, 2020. These or any other needs may be mentioned when filling in the registration form.

Cultural agenda

Cordoba is a beautiful and vibrant city with a history that dates back to Roman times, more than two thousand years ago. The conference will have a daily cultural agenda after the academic program that will include private guided evening visits to the Mosque-Cathedral and to the historic Castle of the Christian Monarchs (Alcázar de los Reyes Cristianos) with its beautiful gardens and fountains.

Spanish and Andalusian music and gastronomy will have a prominent place the conference’s cultural agenda.

In the coming days, information on an optional cultural agenda for accompanying persons will be uploaded onto the conference’s official webpage (

In addition, for those interested in creating a cultural itinerary of their own, before or after the conference, whether in Cordoba or in other cities of Andalusia or Spain, the conference’s official web page mentioned below will publish additional information and the contact details of a reliable tourist agency.

Information and contact

Updated information will be published regularly on the conference’s official website, ,

For email contact and inquiries use the following addresses (and, please, indicate the appropriate subject to facilitate organization):

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